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Americana Music Celebration Showcase artist Paul Thorn has been one of the real "roadway warrior" success stories of the category. Rising from almost complete obscurity in the mid-'90s to Americana super star with nearly no radio assistance, Thorn has developed a grassroots base of dedicated fans through relentless touring and some of the very best lyrics in business.

When amazing vocalist solo artist David Gray revealed his 14-city "Lost and Found 2011 Tour," set up to sail away on Feb. 21 in Boston, few provided a reservation to the trip's name. However after investing a few minutes chatting with Gray recently, it appears there might be more behind it.

The song represents all the aspects that were Mudcrutch. Mudcrutch had two worlds that were coming together. One world was Tom Leadon and Tom Petty, who were deeply absorbed in country rock like Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds' country things or The Flying Burrito Brothers. Randall and I were truly versed in long improvisations, Grateful Deadish-type feel. Those two worlds are well represented in that tune. It's got a bit of country swing and feel in the verses however the critical part tends to take a few liberties, extend and return to that. Those two worlds together is generally what the Mudcrutch noise is.

Next up was Moby. He is an uproarious person. He openly said sorry to Mayor Malloy for missing out on lunch on Sunday since he was out 'partying with the residents' on Saturday night and after that, at four a.m., he went to a houseparty. He just wasn't awake for his luncheon date.

That's just a little sampling of the complete 25 minute interview with Paul Thorn. Check back for a complete transcript to get Paul's opinions on artists who are under valued and how shows like American Idol have eliminated the craft of constructing a live act. You can also read our complete interview with Paul from Americanafest 2010 here.

He was so young. And he and the Jackson 5 were fantastic. Michael didn't live far from us, and I keep in mind seeing him at Gelson's Market squeezing the produce.

This summer season, come have the time of your life with ABBA - The Concert Arrival from Sweden and listen to the fantastic songs and chart topping hits of ABBA, including Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Fernando, get more info S.O.S., Mamma Mia, Gamble on Me, The Winner Takes It All, Knowing Me Knowing You, Ring Ring, The Name of the Game, Money Cash and many more.

After spending simply a couple of minutes with David Gray, it was extremely clear that he has simply the best compass to guarantee that he remains on his particular course - ensuring him never to be lost, but rather always found.

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